Sterotypes as We Know Them

May 29, 2008
By Danielle Fitch, Crestwood, KY

Okay, so some of you amy agree with me and some of you may claim not to agree with me but, the world is filled with TONS of hypocrites and people who say they never gossip, then will turn around and say things like "OMG! Did you know little Sally is [fill in whatever you heard at your locker this morning]." I mean truly people, don't say that you don't gossip because the reality is, we all do it.

Now don't get me wrong, there are some people who don't say things that are horrible about other people, but 99% of them have no social life! I'm sorry to anyone out there who may be reading this that has no social life, but it's true! There was this one girl, let's call her little Susie. Little Susie has "disgustingly long hair and nail, I mean OMG do something about it!". She is an all A student has glasses, long skirts, and "Horrible spit ends! Look at them! Would you ever treat your hair that badly?" I am willing to bet my life the girl hasn't said a mean comment to anyone in her life. Little Susie is in BETA club and wants to be Vice President, running aginst Ms. All That. I volenteered to help count votes, 3 people out of about 150 chose little Susie to be vice President. It was a popularity contest! Either that or people are genuinely afraid of Ms. All That!

Then there are those "groups" (Lord knows no one can be called a clique anymore without being offended)that say "we don't believe in streotypes, they are for the mindless that follow the strict rules society has set in front of them". Oh bull! Everytime a goth runs into an Abercrombie wearing prep both their eyes bulge and they go runnign back to their Queen Bees (the goddess that rules over their group)and start the "DUDE! Eww! Ms. All That/ Ms. Creepy Quiet Goth Chick just touched me in the hallway!" Then Queen Bee pretends to gag and you all laugh. No matter what cl- excuse me, group you belong to you have a rival people.

Just a few things to make you think...

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