Thoughts on Writing

May 28, 2008
By Matthew Westberry, Trempealeau, WI

I find writing a challenging subject. There are so many types of writing like poetry, letters, essays, journal entries, fiction, persuasive essays, and more. Once I pick a form of writing, I need to think of a topic. This can take a while to think out. I need to think of a topic that can give me plenty to write about. After I think of a topic, I need to think of an opening sentence. I have the same problem with this as I do thinking of a topic. Once I get a topic sentence, I need to write the body. This can be difficult because I feel I might have insufficient information written down, or the sentences might not flow well. After I finish the body section, the closing sentence comes fairly easily.

I like to try to inject some humor into my writing, but that can be tough. Usually it seems like there just isn’t any room for humor in my writing.

These are problems that I mostly have with writing essays, but they can apply to other forms of writing as well.

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