High School Sterotypes

May 28, 2008
By Abby Texeira, Pewaukee, WI

High school stereotypes don’t need to be accepted. I don’t have to accept that I am called a “slut” and a “bitch.” I don’t have to change my friends because of what people I don’t know think about me.

Everybody has a group of friends they hangout with. This is how the stereotypes begin. Because I have a large group of friends, we are all generalized into a certain group, which isn’t fair. Yes, everyone judges, but you can control those judgments.
I try to find the good in everyone, and to not jump to conclusions about someone’s character based on their appearance. If an individual is walking down the street with tattoos, a Mohawk, and piercings, I try to realize the outside appearance isn’t what matters. We need to embrace the fact that no one is the same, instead of trying so hard to live up to what society would like us to be. I think more high school students need to realize that rumors, appearance, and lunch tables don’t decide an individual’s personality.

People believe after high school all of the judgments disappear and everyone gets along but that isn’t true. Yes, we grow older, we mature, and we learn how to control the judging, but there are still the same gorgeous people at the right parties, and the same loners who never get an invite. So why not start maturing now? Why not stop the cruel comments about the social groups that will always be there? We have to figure out by ourselves, with time and real life situations, how wrong judgments are. Most first impressions don’t last, so why do we make them? It’s human nature to pass judgment, but you can find the positive instead of looking for the negative. Negative judgments are made because of the insecurities people face within themselves. It is easier to criticize others when you are unhappy with yourself because then you aren’t thinking about your problems, you’re focusing on someone else’s flaws. I believe self acceptance is the key to reduce the harsh judgments and disapproval. You need to accept who you are before you can pass judgment on someone else.

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