May 28, 2008
By James Henson, Culver, IN

Sand beaten finish, old weaved saddle, this chair had experience. From the likes of Aladdin figures in the early 1800’s, this chair had been past down. Sat on like no other chair before, it had character. Trade, barter, and even war brought it about the Middle East. Royalty such as the King of Saudi, the prince of Jordan, and scandalous commonwealth such as Saddam himself, they all pondered upon this chair. This chair had connections, from the weak backing, to the old, almost ancient basket weave bottom, this chair was solid to the ground when sat on. Feeble in nature, but not weak in the mind, this chair has more than one character. Its shadows gleams with dissentient, and grows ever more. This chair… it’s more than meets the eye. This chair, however… is not the only shadow.

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