May 26, 2008
Many people say that success is the outcome of practice, diligence, and hard work, but the backbone supporting any kind of accomplishments is your family. Their guidance will lead you every step of the way towards being your best even if its starts while it seems like nothing is going your way. The reason for this is because, although they do not always display it all the time, they take pride in witnessing each and every member of their family experiencing even the smallest form of happiness to the biggest kind of accomplishment. Not only that, but it is their actions that may help influence your actions. When they show no signs of want or no kind of desire to help you, it will not necessarily, but it could persuade you to act the same. For that reason, many families try their absolute hardest to set positive examples and support you through anything that you do.

Although a good friend will have your back in a dangerous situation or help you out when times get tough, there are distinguishable differences between friends and family. Your family (most of them at least) was (hopefully) around during your birth. They have been around you for your entire life and they know you better than anyone else, including your best friend. So, this would in all likelihood mean that they know you better than any other person that you know. Now who would you feel more comfortable telling a personal problem that you are having to? A person or people that have known you all your life will know how to treat you and take care of you in a time of trouble. A close friend will listen to your problem and give you help but their aid will not be nearly as effective as what your family can do for you.

The most important part of having a strong, supportive family is that they are the people that will always be there for you throughout every situation that you will go through and experience, whether it is good or bad. Just the fact of them showing up at your sports games, celebrating each and every birthday, and being there when you graduate is what makes a child grow up and realize how lucky they are to have such an encouraging family. It is what influences a child to grow up and treat their kids just as they had been raised with the same support, creating a cycle that each child will keep doing to their own children. It is so vital for a child to receive what it is like to be treated with such care that they are able to recognize that that is the way that they must learn to treat others and quite possibly, their own future families.

When a child is lucky enough to be born into a respectful and caring family, it opens up a window to so much more opportunities. As long as they are raised experiencing the kind of support and encouragement that they need, they will not only treat others in the same manner but they will also be presented with a whole new level of confidence and self-esteem. A stronger sense of support also can influence a better state of connection between each family member. When one knows that the rest will always be there for each other in a period of dilemma, a stronger sense of trust and closeness is developed. This connection between the family members will last throughout all of their entire lives, creating a friendship that consists of protection and support that can help maintain a happy life.

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