Don't Regret Life

May 24, 2008
By Bryanna Varkalis, McHenry, IL

I sit here knowing that I have a life I never knew I would have.
As I watch the TV I know that my life is nothing like that.
Seeing the people in Iraq run for their lives.
Looking at the homeless people in Chicago.
Listening to the starving kids in Africa.
Hearing about the kids not getting any education.
I know I can feel safe in my own home.
Knowing I have a warm house to live in.
Always coming home to warm food on the table.
Going to school everyday learning something new.
And feeling horrible about not caring enough about the people who live in Iraq but more about our soldiers.
Walking past the homeless people in Chicago not giving a single penny to them.
Wasting tons of food everyday forgetting about the starving kids.
Not taking the time out to study or work or even appreciate our education while kids all over the world are striving for education.
Living in a world that seems so hateful.
You have to wonder what the kids and adults that have nothing are thinking.
Some kids here cry over cell phones, computers, and TV’s.
While some kids in the world have never seen a cell phone or been on a computer or watched TV.
You just have to stop and wonder how is the rest of the world feeling as we sit down to dinner or watch TV or go over minutes on our cells.
So next time you complain that our country doesn’t have enough protection or your house is too small or you throw away lots of food or complain about the food your given or that school is “gay” or there is no point in school.
Think about the kids who don’t have any of that.
Because one day that just might be you.

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on Aug. 14 2008 at 12:47 am
Dear Bryannna,I am so happy to read this on the computer.It made me cry like it did the first time You read this to your family.I only hope you really believe all that you wrote.You can be a terrific person if you go by what you wrote.

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