May 22, 2008
Love mmm... What can I say? The people who experience love are very lucky. True love is a beautiful and exciting thing. To have someone you know wil be there with you through the good and bad. Even though you two have broken things off thats what you call true love. Love isn't something that you fall in or out of over night. Love isn't something you should take lightly or play around with. Because playing around with someones heart is very emontional and upsetting. Love has a lot of trials and tribulations that comes along with it. Love doesn't always make you happy it can also make you sad. Love can make yo think you're on cloud nine, but you dont always stay on cloud nine. Because one of you are going to something that one doesnt like.
I think i'm in love now but I can't tell this person do to the fact that i'm shy. And I cant deal with the rejection if he doesn't feel the same way. Don't get me wrong I know that he would understand my feelings but there is always a "But". It's so hard for me not to fall in love with him. He is everything you could ask in a guy and more. He is very cute and he has the greatest smile. Also he is very respectful towards me, which now a days it hard to find that in a guy. And he is willin g to do anything for me if I ask. I love all of that about him but im not ready to put my heart out there right now. Maybe one day I will get up enough nerve to tell him!

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