How to hit with a wooden bat right

May 21, 2008
By Ryan Stansell, Rome, GA

The sweet sound of wood makes you think of the greatest game of all time and also America’s past time Baseball.
Baseball was first played with wooden bats now day’s wooden bats are only used in the major or minor leagues.
Some high school players drafted to go play minor league ball have to switch from a metal bat to wooden bats it’s a big change for some but I will show you four easy steps to start using a wooden bat right so you can get use to hitting with one.
Step one: Get a wooden bat your size and weight
Ex: Little League sizes and weights 29,19 - 30,20 - 31,21 - 32,22

Middle or High school sizes and weights 31,28 – 32,29 – 33,30 – 34,31.
Step 2:
Grip the bat with bat tape or athletic tape for good grip and spray some pine tar on it if you have it so the bat don’t fly out of your hands when your batting.
Step 3: Extreme temperatures are probably not a good idea. Wood bats should be stored in the house and not the garage. Simply store them in the back of your closet to keep them out of the way in the off season.
Step 4: Note: Now that you know to hit with either "label up or label down", you may want to change the label direction that you normally hit with so if you hit label-up, try it label-down.

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