Go Make a Memory

May 20, 2008
By Sarah Heath, Spring City, TN

Sooner or later we all must face the fact that money is a necessity that people cannot live without. One must have food and a place to live to survive and in order to accommodate these necessities money is a requirement. This essential need often turns into a dangerous desire for wealth. Greed, it can overshadow the best of people. Money has the power to corrupt. Whether it’s just one man or a whole country, the damage it can cause is ruthless. What is it that is so valuable about having an endless amount of money? Should so much value be placed upon something so empty and meaningless? Sure, it can but nice cars and big houses, but it can’t fill a house with love. People often keep walking on a continuous road of desire just to find out that it leads to a dead end.

Money does not make a person, nor does it define one’s inner self. If the greed was to be washed away, people could realize how hollow and lifeless money can turn people. Sure, it can but materialistic items, but it can’t buy happiness! The fact that society has become too materialistic seems to be a contributing factor to greed. Expensive houses, cars, boats, cell-phones, I-pods, gaming systems, computers, and clothing have become too important to people in today’s society. Many people aren’t happy, unless they acquire the best of the materialistic goods. True value and happiness has seemed to shift in the opposite direction throughout the generations. Instead of spending time with the family, the parents are working that extra hour so they can afford all of the materialistic items.
Is this success? Success should not be about how much money someone has or what items they have. People should classify success as the life that a person has lived. In the end does it really matter how big of a house someone has, or what kind of car they drove? What matters is the life that an individual has lived. Much more value should be placed on family and friends because they can love and share memories. Materialistic items give you nothing in return. Memories will grace the hearts of families and friends long after a loved one is gone, but items will just grow old with dust. So the question is, who wants to look back on their life and only remember working? As a person grows old, they should be able to glance back upon their life and remember times spent with others, not just the amount of money acquired or the items bought. Now go, go and make a memory that will last a lifetime.

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