May 22, 2008
By Nick Bohannon, Culver, IN

10 days and counting, 1460 day ago I walked on to this campus for the first time. A small freshman that did not know what he was getting into. I didn’t even know but one or two people on the campus. I like to think that my outgoing look on life is what has gotten me here today.

I was the kid that never talked and was as shy as a person could be. Compared to today when I will yell across campus at a person just to say hi. As I look around campus I see a lot of people that have not earned the same keep that I have. Four years is a long time, not many have what it takes to survive four years here. There are only a handful of four year seniors in my graduating class, we have all put in the most work and time we can and it has been to our benefit.

As I have climbed the leadership ladder I have come to find out that the younger you are the more fun it is. They don’t tell you when you get rank that there are obligations and responsibilities that come with it. Though you can delegate most of the work, the leaders are still responsible for the out come of the subordinates. Compared to what I thought leadership was when I first got here. Lazy-boys and carpets, all the benefits that the leaders have, I soon came to realize that there is a price to pay for the benefits.

While I might have grown a couple of inches or gained some weight these are not the only changes to me since my freshman year. Most of the change has been mental. I have learned respect, obey superiors. However, the most influential thing that I have learned is you are only as strong as your weakest link. I could bench 400lbs, but not get good enough grades to get into college. This is how I have developed to what I am today. I find my weakest link and work on trying to strengthen it. Though on can not just drop everything there needs to be a balance.

Balance, the modo of culver. Full schedules, athletics, military, and homework, if you cant balance all these and maintain them and succeed at these you will fall fast. When I came as a freshman I had horrible time management for the fact that I always had someone there to tell me what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. Compared to now when I can manage my time down to the minute. Though this is not something that always works for you have to rely and trust others to respect your time and do what you ask them.

While I have been reflecting on not just my time at Culver, but rather my whole life. I look at the fact that I have not passed up many opportunities to try something new or that will enhance my character. The reason I say most is that I have had opportunities brought to me that would not enhance my character rather it would hurt my character these opportunities have included illegal activities that I have passed up. In my short 18 years I have learned that you do not have to do what other people are doing just because they are doing it. In life you have to make your own path and make your own dictions and live with them. Culver is the place where I have learned the best that you have to take responsibility for your actions and I can’t blame other people for my mistakes. This is a flaw that most teens have today, along with the thought that we are invisible.

Most of the opportunities that I have taken part in is serving other. I have gone on mission trips and exchange programs. In these I learned how my actions will not only effect me however it will affect the people around me. Though in these cases I mostly don’t know the people though I still see the effect on them. Though most of my opportunities affect the people I love and the ones I call my friends. Though it affects all of them at different rates and manors it still needs to be thought of and how it will affect them.. Before I take part in any activity I try to see the big picture and how it will affect others.

My personal dictionary has taken a complete overhaul after four years at culver. Most of my definitions have changed for the fact that I have seen and participated in most of the changing ideas. My mentors have helped with this a little too, though when it comes to ones dictionary, it is all up to that person that is writing it.

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