May 20, 2008
By Aaron Brookoff, Marietta, GA

Dreamland is my oh so very special place that comforts me in my sleep. It holds all my thoughts, my secrets, and my monkey. I have dreams all the time. I even have dreams about having dreams. All of them take place in the copy of the world we know. In the copy anything is possible. You can be anyone you want to be, and anything can befriend you. It can be good, great, and wonderful. But sometimes it can be anxious, scary, or even death defying.
Every time I close my eyes I enter this wonderful world. Lighted by a purple swirl, the land is forever changing. Room after room, day after day, the inhabitants live and thrive in harmony. They build and speak with me while I discover where I am inside my mind. Familiar spaces and persons are turned askew and transformed. But once I wake up I do not remember that humongous place that my heart desired. I wish I could go back there, in my mind, through my hair.
The one thing that I do remember is a small little monkey that is always there. Whether it is a robot, a chimp or a picture on a wall, he always sheds light on some hard-hitting situations. He is my therapist, best friend, and evil twin. He tells me what I have done wrong and explains the puzzling thoughts. He gave me a message from god I will never forget, and he threw some sense into my baffled head. Now I will in no way overlook “Life is a game. Be sure to cheer” or the time he threw raisins at my head. He is one of the few things I remember from my wonderful world inside my head.
My last dream reached deep into my mentality to the imaginary football team and the submerged train. I don’t remember much, but I remember soaring on a griffin onto a train. Once on the train, it was taken over by Orc’s and dumped into a shallow river. There was no food, no clean water, and over 100 people. I found a few slices of bread and cheese and started making cheese sandwiches. Then a few minutes later, a small boy who looked like a young Maurice started heating up the sandwiches and made grilled cheese. I was so mad that he was taking my fame and glory. Then the monkey threw raisins at me. That got me thinking that it is not all about me. I should be proud of what I have done and not get jealous of other peoples fame and fortune. And when I woke up, I realized I was having the same problem with friends. The monkey helped me out yet again.
I couldn’t sleep. I was waiting for morning to come. Then the blanket started to move. A mouse climbed up from my wall. My phone became alive. I was so scared I tried to act like nothing was happening. I heard John downstairs watching a baseball game. I thought that was weird because John doesn’t watch baseball. But my blanket started to wrench. My phone started to ring. The mouse started to dance around and cheer. The TV downstairs got louder. Then, from the corner of my eye, I saw a little robotic money say “Why aren’t you cheering?” I opened my eyes completely and saw the blanket turn into a peace sign. My phone got a text message saying “Yay! Touchdown!” The mouse kept saying over and over again “Cheer! Why aren’t you cheering?” Then the robotic monkey tells me he has a message from the big man. Life is a game. Be sure to cheer. That was the message, I still don’t quite understand what that means, but I will ponder over it every day.
That morning I found out I was actually dreaming. I was amazed how detailed my mind can be. But that shows you how our mind works. We forgive and forget, until you remember. From then on you never forgive and only forget until a monkey in your dreams reminds you of your hatred. My special place may not be a place on earth, but it is as real as real can get. Even though you may never go into my excellent place, you can make your own and find out about your innermost thoughts. Just don’t take my monkey away.

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