June 26, 2008
By Caitlin Pfleiger, Lincoln City, OR

That forbidden place you dared to go, why did they name it? Of all things. Forbidden is the way it is to be described. Should have waited, he didn't have to leave. Is he embarressed? That forbidden place, with that stupid forbidden wall; full of lies, dishonesty, hurt, complaint, frustration, and your mind is flustered calmly. It is disapointing to know that everytime, he will leave, not only does he toy with your mind, but you do the same to yourself as well. Not able to decide to stay or go, run or walk, talk or shout, proud or regret. Your heat feels like placid weight. It is covered in bandages that don't seem to hold, the tears leak from it's openings.
He is angry now. You are beyond confused, it wasn't like he was coming around anytime soon.
My thoughts are mine, you know you wish they were yours. Too bad, it will never be done. Weeks will pass, sometimes months, and we will still end up in that so called forbidden place.

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