Just Another Joke

June 6, 2008
By Kendra Reinemann, Albany, NY

A blonde and a brunette fell of a building. Who would hit the ground first? The brunette because the blonde would have to stop and ask for directions. These are just one joke out of many blonde jokes kids hear and repeat a day. Many kids hear these negative jokes in school and they don't know how much it hurts other people. Blonde jokes are not the only kind of jokes. There are also races jokes, gender jokes and many other kind of hurtful jokes.

When people make comments about other people I thinks it's really wrong because everyone is different and if you are going to make fun or crack jokes on their differences (example: brunettes are really smart, blondes are really dumb) you don’t really know that for a fact. There could be some "smart blondes" and some "less smart brunettes." But that’s beside the point. The point is that people love pointing out others differences to make themselves feel better.

When people say mean jokes or comments to another that stays with them forever. Many people think that if they say jokes the person may just be mad for a few minutes. That may be true but if you could see how they really feel on the inside, it wouldn’t be really pretty. Many people that get picked on or bullied are tormented with theses simple nasty jokes that may or may not be true. Some can be funny at times but it would be a good idea to think before you start saying it.

On the other hand I can see where other people are coming from. They may not know that it hurts you really bad inside. But for them to acknowledge that, you have to tell them to stop saying or making the comments. That kind of stuff its really hurtful on the inside. They may stop or they may not. They may not know how much it hurts because they never had any of the jokes said to them, so they wouldn’t know how it feels.

So what I am trying to say is making comments about other people is really hurtful to the person that is hearing them and if you hear them don’t repeat them. It's not cool to make fun of other people because you may be only doing it to hide the pain you feel. Just don’t do it.

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