truth is stranger than fiction

July 19, 2012
By ShinJeeni BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
ShinJeeni BRONZE, Kolkata, Other
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"There is only thing in the world worse than being talked about,and that is not being talked about" ~Oscar Wilde

as per the definition in the dictionary,fiction refers to books and stories about imaginary people and events. in other words,fiction is a story made up through imagination rather than from real events. on the other hand,the word 'truth' holds a completely opposite meaning. truth about something is the true facts about it. there is no space for imagination in reality.
as we step into the twenty first century,we realize the truths of life are stranger than any fictional novel. we all know imagination runs wild and by giving imagination the encouragement to run wild,we can actually feel that there are glimpses of fiction in every real event that occurs. even when reading a novel,fiction or non-fiction,we can relate to one character in the is,in fact,the common human psychology to try and relate truth with fiction.

when we are being able to relate,then it should mean that there is a connection between imagination and reality.
looking at a person from outside,we can never judge his inside but we can keep imagining stuff. and when we come to know something of substance about that person,it may seem that truth is really stranger than fiction. certain events occur in our lives too which make us think about it for a prolonged period,which is similar to the aftereffect of reading a fiction. we keep wondering why these are happening to us..these strange things. and then one day we wake up and realize that this is life,the reality,the truth! life is never what we imagine it to be.
it can be well concluded that the truth behind every event of life has a strange story of its own,quite similar to or even stranger than fiction itself.

The author's comments:
i submitted this piece of work as merely a classwork but all my teachers and friends seemed to like it..i hope you like this first piece of work from my side too!!!

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