May 20, 2008
By Anthony Moss, Valdosta, GA

What is enlightenment, and how does one become enlightened? There is no concrete scale to measure enlightenment, but there are ways to see beyond the shadow of ignorance in your search.

Maturity in self-reliance delivers us from the ignorance of conformity. Our conquest for enlightenment must occur when we are growing children. Crowning begins when you, as a robot of society, recognize that you are an individual. As you grow, a mentor should act as a nourishing mother, feeding the student with the wisdom that they have learned. But the mentor must carefully screen what they teach in fear that they could give the student a hopeless shot at truth. When the child reaches an accountable age, a wise teacher would release the student into society to let them find their own complete truth, and then they too shall become enlightened. A selfish teacher and a foolish parent will deny the child the right to grow and will entrap the student in their customs and beliefs. This selfish action can only further the world into darkness and create more robots.
All hope is not lost if students are suppressed by the tyranny of ignorance that can be found in society today. If denied access to truth, the student can create one of two mind sets. The first is a willing student who seeks truth and develops the mind of a sculptor; first knocking away at the large lies of society, then slowly chiseling away to create his or her own definition of life. The other mind would be one of a student who is content in their ignorance and develop the mind of a lap dog, forever waiting on the command of their master and feeding off of every word feed to them. The mindset of the lap dog can be the equivalent to mental death because Emerson tells us that “imitation is suicide”.
Even though every person is accountable for their own actions, we as a society should promote that we all become enlighten because then it leads to a better diversified workforce. We as a society is what’s holding each other back, we constantly tie one another down to hold on to our own ideas and to suppress others in order that what we believe is truth remains truth. We must now become an enlighten society an embrace our differences and assist one another on our gratifying quest for enlightenment.

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