May 20, 2008
By Anthony Moss, Valdosta, GA

In every child’s life one constant source of fascination is obtaining a strong foundation to education. Education cannot be defined by remembering the information in a text book, recalling the lectures of a teacher, or making acceptable great on homework assignments in tests. Instead, education is the power to look at the world for yourself and draw your own conclusions.

All children have a thirst for education but demand that specific beverages are specially made. Giving this knowledge schools should create diversified programs to accommodate a student’s thirsty mind. The specialized programs should differentiate students not by race, class, or gender, but psychological methods such as learning preference. The classes also highlight and emphasized the student’s strong points. By doing this teacher would improve the student’s self esteem, which can also lead to higher productivity in the classroom. This “specialized method” would not only provides students with the basic skills needed for success in college or other career choices, it will also provide society with more specialized masters in multiple fields.

In addition to the child’s formal classroom education experience, parents also have a role in educating the child. Being the child’s first teachers, parents become the child’s educational beverage consultant in that they provide the right mix of ingredients needed for a quality education. These ingredients consist of reading to their child early; introduce new vocabulary, and even daring to teach them another language. In this early process the parent should limit opinionated discussions based on past experiences because this may give a child a bias sense of life. Such negative opinions can also become an obstacle to the child’s education because he or she will never again grow their own view of the world. As a result, both parent and child can exchange knowledge gained from their experiences in the world and possibly learn from each other.

Education is what holds all societies together just like without water mankind will perish; children who are not supplied with knowledge will also perish. Therefore, it should be the goal of every human to become a teacher, an eternal spring that will fuel the desire for educating others because like the water cycle the teacher and the student must continually nourish each other, with students becoming teachers and teachers remaining students for life.

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