Trubled Kids

May 19, 2008
By Bradley Herzner, CINCINNATI, OH

In the United States there is a lot of violence.

I might know a way to stop some of the violence in the United States. There is a lot of parenting problems. May be if you stop parents from being bad maybe just maybe the kids will stop or would think about what happened to there parents.

Parents must show that they are in command of the house not the kids. They need to make rules. Talk to them about how bad and effective drugs and alcohol is to there bodies. Tell them to make good choices about the drugs and alcohol (like to say no to all drugs and alcohol like beer wine vodka weed crake heroin and especially to pure heroin it can kill them!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Parents must discipline their children when they disobey them or back talk or curs at them. If they act up ground them to their room for a week or two, or no cell phone, or no friends over. If they are littler spank they when they smart off or something maybe if they do it often use a paddle or a belt. If they act up more than one time even after u punish them take away privileges like no going out side no computer or no video games no fiends over or noooo TV!!!!

Parents must set a curfew for there children to be in the house. They also need to tell them were not to go and ho far they can go. A curfew is something that tells your kids when to be in doors (at your house) if they don’t discipline them like it said in the previews paragraph. Telling them was not to go is like dangerous places like the hoods or in alleys. Tell them not to go so far like maybe 1 mill or so from your house or a friend’s house that u r with.

That is why I think parents are partly responsible fro the violence. That was my report on America violence.

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