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May 18, 2008
By Jonathan Tinoco, Wyoming, MI

Although many people will strongly disagree with me on this issue, I strongly believe that we need to have seven classes/hours in a school day rather than six. I know that if people found out that I said this sort of thing I would more certainly get called a nerd, geek, or get beaten up, but I want to reassure everyone that I’m not and to please hear me out.

We all know that not everyone finishes their homework, schoolwork, or other things related to school. This doesn’t only apply to students but also teachers. However this is more common toward students for many reasons like they “lost” their work or didn’t have enough time to complete their work, but I’m not here to judge them because sure many things happen that we can’t control like a loved one passing away. This is also truth to teachers since they can’t grade every paper or assignment in one day, but the plan I’m pushing for will change everything here in Grandville High School.

The plan is similar to what my old school did before I moved to Grandville, to have a first hour that is fifteen to twenty or thirty minutes long in which one can finish what they couldn’t the previous day. I know many will say this is useless because they “assume” students and teachers will finish everything, but the day is only so long to get everything done on a daily basis. Those same people are also the ones that don’t want to admit that some students and teachers tend to do things at the last minute. I don’t think there is one student or teacher in Grandville who has not seen other people finishing their work before or during school. I myself have not only seen it being done many times before school or during lunch but actually admit to have done it once or twice, but this isn’t about me but of other people. I also know that some people would disapprove of having those students or teachers who got their work done on time being robbed of their time of learning or teaching except for the fact that this extra time for them they could study or talk with their friends without worrying about getting things done.

I would also like to add from my own experience from this is that when people are given just a little extra time to finish work they are more concentrated because of the fear of looking bad in the eyes of their teacher or losing points on assignments. Another good thing about this is the days will not get any longer than they are now or just a few minutes to thirty minutes longer or to just having to start school earlier.

To summarize it correctly I personally think that is idea of another class added to the school day will be benefit for all including the parents since their son or daughter will be spending more time in school than out in the world getting in trouble with the law or doing drugs.

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