Too fat or too skinny?

May 15, 2008
By Brianna Frantellizzi, Winchester, VA

Young teens grow up reading articles which help them believe they should resemble the bodies of celebrities in the real world who are not setting good examples. Is it right that many writers force teens to think that they need to buy these diet products to achieve anorexic or bulimic proportions? I would have to assert that society today causes a false view on the normal body type of a person.

As you look through different sections of the gossip magazines in the newsstand you often see a spot for favorite celebrity diets. They show which celebrities have lost weight with the certain diet forcing several teens to try and follow it. The magazines encourage teens to buy the product they are selling. These actions of the magazine convince teens that this is the right thing to do with their body and life, but I firmly believe that it is just a reason to make the intended dieter buy their product. As we know, following diets such as NutriSystem and diet pills are not the answer to solving anyone’s weight problems.

Diseases such as anorexia and bulimia result from the diets and change in food habits because adolescents want to be fit and slim like famous people. These illnesses can be very unhealthy for teens therefore, I think that magazine writers should be cautious of the way teens understand the information they present in their articles. Teens try to compare themselves to celebrities such as Nicole Richie who has taken unnecessary steps to reach her weight goal. As a result of her needless behavior toward losing weight, she has entered rehab for the reason that she had to overcome a poor food habit related illness. Teens should be aware of the healthy steps they can take towards having the perfect weight, such as participating in physical activity. Therefore, I believe that adolescents should make sure they stay healthy at a young age and exercise which will lead to a healthy life in the future.

Celebrities are always seen on television and in magazines causing false accusations that teens observe and wish to resemble. I can assert that teens should take responsibility in their urge for looking like the ideal celebrity. This urge of adolescents, can lead to a cause of diet related illnesses resulting in the belief that teens will never meet their ultimate weight goal. As teens wish to appear like the ideal celebrity, they should understand the healthy and more physical steps taken to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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