The Emo Subculture

May 14, 2008
By Anya Strukov, Fairfeild, ME

Long bangs and hair, that is covering one side of the face. Black clothes, with vibrant colors mixed in like neon green or pink, even rainbows. Spiked belts and checkered wrist bands with possible skulls or rainbows. Females with a bow in their hair or weird sketchy hair cuts. Guys that wear eyeliner and mascara to define their eyes. Hair dyed black or blonde sometimes bright colors that look observed. Weird spiky hairdos for both male and females. All this describes an EMO and even somewhat a SCENE kid. People mistake them for kids that are always depressed. Most of the time male “emo” kids are targeted for bullying because of how they gender-bend. Male fans of the style EMO find themselves often hit with homosexual slurs. Goth kids think they are posers and so do skaters. But the truth is emo is a different type of subculture. They take a little bit of everything. Punk, goth, preppy, and normal. They mix it so it becomes their own style. An EMO fashion statement is more like an anti-fashion statement. They also like to wear old school, vintage clothes. Vintage t-shirts, band t-shirts and thrift store items are hallmarks of EMO style. Teachers and kids, parents and surrounding people don’t really approve of the EMO and SCENE kids. The EMO kids style is their declaration of being different from everyone else. Even though I like to wear black and vintage clothing it doesn’t mean I am EMO or SCENE. I can be depressed at times or happy at others like the normal human. I personally think the clothing they wear is cool looking. What you wear doesn’t make who you are. I also do not share the core EMO’s philosophy : no one knows what it’s like to be me.

According to CNN, EMO kids enjoy to hurt themselves and they also have major depression that tends to not go away. However from all the EMO kids that I know I don’t know any that actually injure themselves. I understand some kids may look/dress EMO but that doesn't mean that they are or committed to such a lifestyle. I personally think people that do harm themselves have their own issues that have nothing to do with EMO. I’ve noticed that people often misjudge EMOs and half the time media gives information that is not true, sensationally alarming for parents, adults but not accurate at all. don’t think it’s fair.

“Not every child who looks emo may be in to cutting themselves, dark poetry or talk of suicide,” says psychologist Judith Zimmerman. “Some of these kids may just be in a phase. It’s important to tell the difference between a fashion statement and a commitment to a lifestyle. Parents need to understand the deeper meanings of why their child might be drawn to emo culture.” But do the news broadcasts mention this quote? No! What they do is show a bunch of MySpace photos of kids with eyeliners and black hair, played music from The Used, and talked about how all EMO children were hurting themselves and on the verge of suicide. (Of course, people who “cut” themselves aren't suicidal anyway as they feel like the pain makes them alive---but that is beyond the point.) In any case, I don’t support the people who think EMOS are so horrible.

Another factor to consider is skaters and goths. They dont get treated as badly as emos and yet the styles are very similar. It’s just the fact of what emo kids wear and what they do that frightens adults. I think parents that watch the news and hear about this subculture should not asume it’s all true. Instead they have to try to talk to their kids about it and get firsthand information. Some kids may be committed to the lifestyle while others are just going through a phase. “Never waste a minute of your precious life by squandering it thinking about people you don't like.” -Anonymous, I think this quote is very true. People who spend their time hating people who dress differently and like a certain style, are just wasting their time. It doesn’t help anyone.

Just consider the thought that not every teen that listens to My Chemical Romance and The Used is EMO. The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live. Everyone should be treated equally, no matter what they wear, what color they are, how they look, and who they are, everyone in this world is equal. There is no one who is better than the other. One quote to live by is “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” I think this is an amazing quote and very true. With this maybe someday life will change for the better. By the way I have never seen an EMO that is 40 years old! :]

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on Mar. 29 2012 at 11:17 am
Valerie Sanchez, NonyaBizniz, Texas
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Emo and prep and goth are stereotypes and labels. Thats just stupid. No person should be called anything but their name. Also, "emo", as you call it, isn't a phase, it is self expression. Do't judge a person for being different, on the inside we ARE NOT the same. We are completely different. Good day to you sir! |:<

on Nov. 30 2010 at 10:26 am
Sky_Skitsofrantic BRONZE, Huntsville, Arkansas
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Favorite Quote:
things that some one must always have:
2: lucky shoes
3: a SPORK!

i Agree that every one should just get over there selfs, i live in a small town so when i walk into the store i get stared at like i have the plague! WTF!

Kwstar said...
on Jan. 12 2009 at 2:32 am
I love your article. I do self-harm, and I decided to become emo becasue it fits my emotions. I agree don't judge anyone by there clothes etc, We are all humans. The sooner people realize this the better, and maybe kids like me may not have to self-harm, etc if they feel excepted for who they really are inside.

Apples11 said...
on Dec. 2 2008 at 6:11 pm
I am Emo and i dont get that people just dislike emo people if you dont like me just get over yourself..xoxo



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