The Art Of Jealousy

May 14, 2008
By Mallory Risko, Pueblo, CO

One would assume many people long after and share the same qualities as other individuals. As a human race when we watch people we can pick out qualities about the person and twist them into something atrocious. The most simple details may it be the way somebody’s hair falls perfectly into place, new jeans that we know we could never afford but want none the less, a love interest or anything else you can imagine, we can always find a way to hate them for it. As each day passes we begin to wonder why we cant have those things, why we aren’t good enough, and we start to bottle up those feelings until they release into the form of hatred. We despise the individual, we make them feel unwanted ,altogether we want nothing to do with them. Is it right to hate somebody just because they possess something we lack, absolutely not, but it has been this way forever and I have a feeling it is not about to change anytime soon. If your looking for an answer of how to overcome jealousy, I have none, in fact I believe jealousy is a necessary aspect of our lives. When we become jealous we strive to make ourselves better or more like what we hope to be. However, most of this never amounts to being any better than somebody else, but gives us the satisfaction to think that we are.

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