It's Hard to Compete

May 8, 2008
By Sarah Lee, Congers, NY

Here in my high school, there’s so much competition. Already, students are competing against each other to get into a better college. If one person goes up on the scale, he or she has to step on another person to do so. The school district has enforced competition since elementary school. We were not treated equally. The schools had to create special programs that selected “gifted” children, which made the rest of the children feel dumb and unappreciated. Those children in those special programs get a better chance to take higher level courses in middle school. Then in 7th grade, the teachers split us into basically the “smart group” and “the rest”. “The rest”, the Masses, have no say and is forced out of the competition. It’s the survival of the fittest. Schools already predetermine who’s getting into the best colleges and who’s not, as well as who’s going to succeed and who’s not. Schools don’t encourage the rest of the students to try, so some students just give up and turn to drugs and other terrible outlets. It’s understandable that schools are just preparing students for the real world, but it’s unfair and unjust to segregate students at such a young age. It’s true that the schools are not segregating students by color, which would be even more unjust and absurd, but segregating kids at such a young age teaches the kids that in order to succeed they must step on other students and be the best. Schools are teaching students that it’s okay to stab others in the back in order to survive. Everyone knows that the world is unfair, but there should be a way to be a little fairer. Everyone should have equal opportunities to get into a good college. People in each grade should take the same classes as other people in the same grade; at least give the students the same education. There are two sides to this opinion. Some, the “elite” students, say competition is necessary, others, the Masses, want to have an equal opportunity. Which ever way is right, I just want this world to be a little fairer and just. But when will that be?

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