When To End

May 8, 2008
By Ana Valencia, Portland, OR

There have been 4,488 innocently killed soldiers since this nightmare began in 2003;tears shed every day for those we care about.
Many left feeling emotionally numb because of the lifeless bodies laying in the middle of the street after a disastrous bomb kills those who were fighting for our country. The soldiers killing innocent people because it's their duty, even though they know it's wrong. This is our War on Terror.
Due to the deaths, this war needs to end.
It has been five years since this began, and we are still not out of there. Why are we even there? We had nothing against Iraq. It was mainly those Saudi Arabia who destroyed the lives of many on September 9/11.
Due to the impact of this war, this topic has become a talking point for all major candidates.
According to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Clinton feels that we should end the war in Iraq, Obama on the other hand feels that we should focus on just the Middle East, but if we do this we would just be adding fuel to the fire and the problem would escalate, whereas McCain feels we should continue fighting and increase the amount of troops.
In addition to the physical toll of this war, there is also the financial toll. Is not free and we need to pay money we do not have. According to Ben Feller, of the Associated Press by the end of the year the war is going to be an estimate amount of $752 billion. Where are we going to get all this money if we can barely keep our own economy in place? We have starving people who can't even afford to live a life they would like, but yet we spend all this money, which is soon to make our debt even worse.
President Bush stated that we shouldn't pull out of Iraq. His words were, "Havinh come so far, and achieve so much, we're not going to let this happen."
According to Ben Feller, Feller stated that if we pull out of Iraq that it would lead to chaos and invite Iraqis

to attack America.
Yes, soldiers are being killer, but also there are many others being killed. Residents from Iraq are being killed. For example families that reside in Iraq, and USA reporters.
It's about time this war ends whether we lose or not. We already have enough problrmd in our nation and this war just keeps makin it worse and worse.
We need to stop the blood that the streets with our fellow soldiers under that thick river of redness. Once this ends many families will feel relieved to see their loved ones fought for what they believed in. So America can began to heal our soldiers, rebuild our economy and stop the bloodshed of war.

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