May 6, 2008
By Reid Rauterkus, Omaha, NE

Uniforms, they are the biggest part of my wardrobe ten months out of the year. A lot of teens say that uniforms are a horrible, and no one should ever have to wear them. I attend a Catholic high school where uniforms are required. When I tell one of my peers from a public school that I have to wear uniforms they usually ask how much I hate wearing uniforms. The truth is I love wearing uniforms and I think that every school should have a uniform policy.
The uniform may not be the most attractive outfit to wear to school but, they solve some of the problems that teenager face every day. Uniforms solve the problem of what to wear in the morning. Even though some times I have a hard time choosing between a grey or navy polo, I can’t imagine if I had to pick something from my closet every morning. The biggest reason I think every school should have uniforms is because, with uniforms we all wear the same thing. I am not saying I would like everyone to match. I am saying that uniforms solve the problem of economics in school. When wearing uniforms no one has designer clothes and you can not tell the family’s financial status. In my opinion uniforms would be the solutions to some of the problems that schools and teenagers are faced with everyday.

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