I Believe in Female Respect

May 3, 2008
By Fatoumata Waggeh, Bronx, NY

Females are the real survivors and ‘knights of armors’ of this world. Because they have always been oppressed and have been the underdog in society, females are the real conquerors of the obstacles of life. From the intense nine-month-long pregnancy to the gruesome, arduous labor, we are the basis and reproducers of society. For this reason females are the second creators of life and a unique gift that God is constantly adding to the world. Therefore, females should be respected and when a male lays a hand on a female he is only hurting God’s most gifted creation.

Growing up in a fundamental Islamic household, I was always taught the role a female played in a typical Muslim environment. With the Quran greatly emphasizing the unique and special role that female contributes to society, I always valued my identity as a woman. The Quran emphasizes this, through a verse mentioned in the Quran where a guy once asked Prophet Mohammed, “Who is the first important figure in my life?” Prophet Mohammed answered, “Allah (God).” The man asked “Then who?” Prophet Mohammed answered, “Your mother.” “Then who?” Prophet Mohammed answered again, “Your mother and then your father.” Females not only contribute to society by being God’s “special creators” they also take an important, diligent role as mothers. And 99.9% of the time mothers are the one who contribute to their child’s success in life. A mother is always willing to provide comfort and raise her child to be mature with good values and morals. Therefore, society is truly mistaken for burdening and injuring this major contributor our world needs.

Given the foundation described above, I strongly believe that when a male lays a hand on a female he is only doing so because he is weak and has no other way to either control or handle his emotion. Domestic violence has been an issue that I have always heard of but at first I was too blinded to see. As, a 17-year-old girl living in the Bronx, violence towards females stands as a reoccurring issue. Boyfriends too often physically and verbally abuse their young teenage girlfriends. Moreover, these women are often left money-less with the great burden of raising a child alone. I once lived next to a Honduran neighbor who dealt with an abusive husband. He frequently terrorized his wife and held her in his own form of “hostage”. This woman bared him healthy and good-looking children. In spite of his abuse, she ironed his clothes, cleaned his laundry and kept a spotless house, but still this guy found a way to come around and abuse her. He wasn’t taking into consideration the fact that he relied on her or the fact that his world and the many other males lives revolve around people like her! But he was irrational and decided to hurt an individual he greatly needed!

I believe in female respect. Females are the center and the knights of armors of society. With this in mind, females should be respected and held in high esteem.

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This article has 2 comments.

ladysunshine said...
on Aug. 10 2008 at 7:44 pm
great essay..i really loved it! go on girl nd i hope u achieve ur dreams!

kewlgurl said...
on Aug. 10 2008 at 7:25 pm
wow for a second i thoght i wuz reading a book...it really gud....


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