True Friends

May 3, 2008
By Emily Giumentaro, Worcestor, MA

Everyone has their own opinion on the definition of a true friend. They could be the person who goes shopping with you. They could be the person who will come over in the pouring rain to play video games with you because you have nothing else to do. But there is more to a friend than a game buddy or a shopping buddy. A friend is some one will listen to you when you are sad. On those days when the world seems so cruel there they are standing prepared with a hug and an “It’s ok! Tell me what’s wrong”. When you are venting with them they listen, sitting silently staring you strait in the eyes listening and making mental notes, preparing a carefully formulated sentence that seems to melt every trouble out of your body. A true friend will sit on the phone with you for hours while you cry and cry about something no matter how silly it is. You always know that you can text them no matter how late it is because they will answer. When you are on the phone with them they tell you that they can hear you smile, because they know how your voice gets bubbly and light when you do, and when you are sad no matter how many times you say your fine they don’t give up until you tell them what’s wrong. A good friend wakes you up at a sleepover just to tell you that you fell asleep then, takes a picture of you with the flash on just to make sure you’re up to watch another movie. A true friend will always be there for you no matter how bad you mess up. They love us, and we should be that friend for them too.

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