French Fries

May 2, 2008
By Tyler Rogers, Huntington Beach, CA

French fries are one of the most common foods in America,
Probably they are the most common around around the world also. French fries can go with about any type of meal you eat. I f you ask anyone, they will probably say they have had a fry at least once in there life. Probably most of them will say that they like French fries.

French fries are made from patio and patio.
Then they are put through a fries former then boiled in hot greasy oil. It may sound nasty about the oil but it is very good with salt and ketchup. There are a couple of type of fries that are very good. There are regular fries, curly fries witch I don’t know how are made. There are also potato fries and baked fries that are very good and tasty. I don’t really eat fries without salt except baked fries.

My favorite fry is the curl fry and the baked fry.
The reason I like curly fries is because it is odd and they are baked. It looks wired cause it is curly and looks like you can make it jump. I do not know how they make the curly fries but I think. They get a curler and twist it to make it curly, then they bake it in oil and then let them cool down and serve then to us. Fries are good and that they aren’t good for you. These fries are baked and delicious and salty my favorite place to et them is McDonalds. Fries one of Americas favorite type of food.

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