Acceptance: Parents

May 2, 2008
By Alexandria A. Pisarczyk, Oneida, NY

The single word can bring back both good and bad memories. The memories may be fights, or they just maybe all those family trips you took during the summer when you were little. But one thing is for sure, parents seem to have a problem with accepting other peoples choices. Especially their children's. True some decisions are necessary to point out your opinion, but the only problem is, why discriminate and shun your children for such choices. Choices of spouses or relationship partners for example. Yes, it is true people don't make the best choices in the world, but who honestly does? Who can honestly say 'I have made absolutely not one mistake in my whole life'? True, mistakes can lead to great and spectacular rewards but in the long run, but why bother dwelling on them? Parents seem to do this a lot. Though some are accepting many dwell on the choices, and many tend to guilt their children into dwelling on it themselves. Its a disease, non-acceptance. From everyone, the Afro-Americans, the mentally disabled, the homosexuals, even the bisexual or just heterosexuals themselves. Parents always have to voice their disapproval aloud for all the word to hear. It bugs me, and it annoys me. Dwelling on drop outs when they plan to do something with their life and are actually working toward their goals. So all I'm saying is basically, why can't they just lighten up a little, try and be a little open minded Whether its on religion, someones sexuality, or just the colour of their skin? Parents, give people a chance, a year or two, if things were meant to work out between your child and their partner then it will, if it wasn't, then it won't. Simply put.

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