May 2, 2008
By Drew Leatham, Mesa, AZ

As defined by the 1996 World Book dictionary, Music is “the art of making sounds that are beautiful, pleasing, or interesting arrangements”; yet it is so much more than mere harmonies and melodies that are meant to astonish the ears. To begin, the globe of Music has always been divided into the multiple continents of genre. Genre presents different forms of the exact same thing, music. But these appearances change the music enough that people are able to discern between them and pick their favorites. It is exactly the same as with pizza, the basic format is flat, round bread covered with tomato sauce and melted cheese, but what makes the pizza unique for the people who eat it are the toppings. Be it ham, pepperoni, sausage, black olives, or even tuna, people like their own selection of toppings on their pizza. Similarly, genres or “toppings” are vital, they allow everyone an opportunity to deeply appreciate and feel connected with some form of music. Without genres, music would likely not be nearly as popular as it is today. Second, music possesses an indefinable power. Once, a screening of one of the most emotional and renowned movies was held for a group of students with the musical score removed. The final scene left a few people with slightly wet cheeks and one or two sniffs were heard from the crowd. The group of students then watched the same movie, a second time, but complemented with the score. This time the final scene brought waterfalls from the eyes of nearly every viewer. Whether it stirs one to sadness or inspires one to simply live life to the fullest, music has an undeniable connection with the emotions in each and every human being. Finally, music causes change. Scientists may never be able to discern exactly why, but music has the remarkable strength to move and inspire people. Not only emotionally but people’s very goals and wants in life have been changed by music. Music has been the cause of many wonderful things, but mostly it is the cause of inspiration. Inspiration to change ones ways, inspiration to create a story, inspiration to lead others by example, or inspiration to fill a canvas with the most breathtaking of colors. Wars have been won and the course of the world changed merely by music’s ability to propagate change. On the whole, Music is a harmonic connection between all beings, it will always hold a very special place in humanity’s heart and will always be recognized for its amazing ability to inspire us to become more than we truly are.

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