May 1, 2008
By Andrew Hoang, Westminster, CA

A computer is a very important machine to us and our society. It helps us out by letting us learn new things that we don’t know faster than a dictionary or an encyclopedia because all you need to do is type it up and search for the topic and you will get a lot of details about the topic you’re searching for. It benefits me by letting me type this assignment and not having to write it by hand because my writing compared to the computer is a little sloppier. It also allows us to keep track of all the things that are important to us. For example, it lets all those big companies and managers keep track of what they gained or lost so they will know what they need to improve on to get more money. Computers aid doctors in healthcare by letting them know all the new medicines to give to us and they use it to draw things and not waste paper and they need to try lots of times to find out how to cure us.

Many people think that the computer is used for evil like trying to take money out of other peoples account or try to take money out of other places. It’s all true but all those people are bad people who rob the bank and hurt people. Even though both are bad but the computer stops the robbing violence so less people get hurt or killed. The police have computers too and they use it for good things like catching criminals and know what they are up to. The police can keep records of all the bad people and show us who they are so we can watch out. The computer can also help us out by telling us the information about a place that we want to go and show us how to get there and what places to eat that they have. The computer can be used as entertainment too. Many people play games on it that are fun and sometimes relaxing after a day of hard work. Some games are learning games to let people be smarter and have fun. That is why the computer is important to us and our society.

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