Paper Cuts

May 1, 2008
By Courtney Quinata, Westminster, CA

Paper cuts have the worst feelings, tiny needles make you jump higher. The smallest things are so eye catching. I notice the small things people do, the unnoticeable. Each day I see people always picking at their face, twirling their hair, tapping the desk like every 2 minutes, someone shakes their leg the person next to them feels it and asks them to stop. Each day at school I look for more and more things that just make people who they are. I don’t really just sit there and stare at people doing things I just feel like those things are symbols of what makes that them. It just shows us what they are like. These little things separate us from being exactly alike. Imagine if we all just sat in a chair we all just kept our arms on the table, I would just feel really similar. I like to be different in some ways. Paper cuts may have the worst feeling but they heal faster, tiny needles may make you jump higher but it gives you the vaccine you need.

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