May 1, 2008
By Haley McMann, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

The absolute number one thing I hate in my life right now is drama. I can’t possibly stand it. “Did you hear that so-and-so said this about that person?” I don’t care about other people’s problems, and the people telling me this gossip shouldn’t be caring about other people’s problems either. I could understand if they were really close friends, but usually a lot of people who tell me rumors and gossip hardly even know the people they are talking about. Drama makes me so ticked off all the time because it’s just ridiculous.
Let’s just say a girl, Martina, was playing soccer and someone kicked the ball pretty hard, and it hit her stomach, and the wind knocked was out of her. You go and decide to walk over where she and her friends are and you want to know if she’s all right. When you finally get there, you ask, “Is she going to be okay?” Then, her snobby little friend, Francesca, says with an attitude, “Just get away, she needs air!” Well if she needs air, why don’t you step away from her? Well, you wouldn’t necessarily say that, only on the inside, just to play with the fact that she wants to be the hero and wants the attention from other people. So when people ask Francesca what was wrong with Martina, she knows the whole story like the back of her hand and likes all the attention.

I also hate the fact that most of the drama I hear builds up into fights. I never liked fights either because it results in more drama, gossip, and rumors. Whenever there are rumors after fights, almost all of them are the wrong ideas. After an argumentative fight with a guy I barely knew, a lot of people thought I got punched in the eye because some of my left eye was black. Of course it wasn’t true because my brother would never let a guy punch me. Plus I forgot I was wearing mascara that day and I cried at the end of the “fight”. I guess I forgot I was crying and I wasn’t wearing waterproof mascara. So I then understood why people thought I got punched in the eye.

So, I say be careful of whom you hang out with and what you talk about. Sometimes you would think somebody is your friend, but if they treat you wrong, you know they are not your friend. Those people are called your “frenemies”, somebody who claims you’re friends, but they actually hang out with you to dish gossip out of you. I also suggest you stick with the close friends you already have and watch each other’s back. Really, just don’t gossip at all, and you won’t be included in any drama.

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