Musical Vanishing Act: What They Are Stealing From Us

May 1, 2008
By Dana Messinger, Gold Canyon, AZ

“Every student in the nation should have an education in the arts.” a brave and intelligent soul stated, but if this is true then why are music related classes being cut from curriculum. Must we forsake the beautiful art of music for sports and physical education equipment. I believe performing art classes are one of the most important classes a child, teen, and even an adult may take but this is from a proud band student's point of view but these facts are not.

Music provides a large part of our society's past, present, and future and will always help a student of any age find success in the sophisticated society of today. Data shows that people who have a background in musical arts have a higher chance of bringing in more income in the future than those who don't, just like the people with mastery in math and science have that same chance over people who haven't mastered these subjects. Plus, music is important to the health of the separate nations in the world and the creation of a decent world culture. Many colleges and universities, such as Arizona State University, Alabama State University School of Music, The Juliard School, Cleveland School of Music, and Baylor University School of Music, value the study of music and have many scholarships for those who want to go out into society and spread their musical wings figuratively speaking. Society needs more future musicians in the world not more football players.

Success in school via music has a large connection to success in society because if you don't have the success in school what makes you think it will be any easier in real life, and this is where music comes in. Schools that have music programs have significantly higher graduation rates than do those without these programs (90.2% as compared to 72.9%). Students that are in high-quality musical programs score higher on standardized tests, than those schools with little to no musical education. Students in high proficiency musical programs score 17% higher in math than those school with deficient musical arts programs. Students of the arts outscore students without one on SATS. Students with a background in the arts scored 57 points higher on the verbal part of the SATS, and 43 points higher on the math portion than those students with no past of performing arts. Music is an important part of future generations and their success.

Everyone wants to succeed in life, but having a proficient past in performing arts can give you and anyone else success in life on a broader scale. Having a rich education in music develops skills crucial to the future of our nation's workforce, and the future of our world's success, such as abstract thinking and acute observation skills. By participating actively in performing art classes you grow emotionally and socially benefiting many people greatly in their endeavor to succeed greatly in their lives. Creative skills children develop from music lead them towards new ideas, new experiences, new friends, and new challenges in life. Beyond the pure pleasure music brings, many executives say that it may also bring career advances and the ability to advance one's status in life. Many have chosen music as their pathway to success, and it's leading them towards a better life.

Now who would want a child to miss out on that? Oh yeah the people cutting our performing arts classes. I can understand how other parts of the school system need to be funded but there is an easy solution to that, fund raising. It's our future let's act up and stop this madness from flooding over into all schools in the entire world. A world without music is like baseball without a bat, dangerous.

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