Mal-efficient Illegals

April 30, 2008
By Anthony Davis, Independence, KS

Are you an illegal immigrant? Well, surprisingly, this question has been asked all over the U.S. recently for the past several years. Why, you ask? Because ever since people understand how great America is, they understand why immigrants want to come over to the U.S. There are many reasons why people would want to immigrate over to America. Some immigrants are in desperate situations and they want to renew themselves and start their lives over, so to speak, so they come into the country illegally. With as much as five hundred thousand illegal immigrants coming into America every year, this is a big problem.

Many Americans worry about too many illegal immigrants coming into the country. They fear that illegal immigrants will become a more important matter than themselves. In fact, every year, more National Guard members are being assigned a new mission and it is to guard the four U.S. state borders that border Mexico. In one case, lettuce farmers had a shortage of workers because they were offered to go work at the border making fences than working in the fields. That year, more than half of the lettuce in the crop was not harvested. All across America, citizens feel the need to take time out of their daily lives and help out with the illegal immigrant problem, but this major problem is still not being fixed.

Also, when illegal immigrants come into the U.S., they’re not only doing harm to this country but also to their own. When immigrants come over from their country, they are leaving their homes and towns/cities that they lived in and leaving all the businesses in that town. Soon, other people will hear the incentives of immigrating to America and then they will become immigrants as well, most of them being illegal. Businesses will begin to lose business and then they will be forced to close down, leaving their community in turmoil. After one business closes, it will become a chain reaction and soon many other businesses will close and their economy will become weakened and destabilize.

Overpopulation is another major concern to most Americans. With the addition of millions of illegal immigrants every year or so, resources will begin to run low and thus, prices for everyday items will rise. Americans already dread rising gas prices, so obviously they’ll dread any other item that’s price rises. In the future, it may become so drastic that there might be another “Great Depression”.

One idea on illegal immigration is that it helps America’s economy. People believe that new jobs open up for illegal immigrants and the value of the dollar bill increases. In actuality, the jobs that the immigrants take could be done by American’s and the young people in our country. As for the value of the dollar bill, it stays the same and our economy does not get better, if not worse, because illegal immigrants do not pay taxes. If the immigrant has family in their own country, they will, most likely, send our money to their families, which doesn’t help out America’s economy.

Illegal immigrants just don’t cut it when it comes to helping America. They cause our economy to suffer by not paying taxes and raising prices on everyday goods. Their home country is also effected by the choices they make in entering our country. And, our country’s resources dwindle and diminish when we add a couple million people to our country ever five years. In conclusion, illegal immigrants cause harm to America.

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