April 29, 2008
It’s a cold world of hatred, so lonely
and full of disappointments. The world does not
always have a happy ending. Most of the time there are many tragic things in life and you feel like it’s a prison! You want to escape but the doors
are sealed, there’s no way out. All you can depend
on is hope and faith.

Although everything is
black and gray and you can’t escape the bars of silence with nobody on your side, nobody to guide you into the path you are looking for. You look up to see that you are trapped in the same place and stuck in between tall dark walls and bars that are above you and inside you are falling apart. There’s no way out you are trapped and the sudden silence has just began. Therefore there you think your safe but you’re not, the darkness is right behind you, the light is your only hope of survival.

When the shadow comes to haunt you, you have no where to run and all you can see are nightmares, and pouring rain of sadness with fears of death. Beneath the dimension of souls taken with no forgiveness with the shallow of revenge that will leave no mercy. It will not stop until the shadows of darkness disappears and the bars are no longer there and you thought the light would never rise again and as you see the daylight come across the hills and over the mountains, you think the battle is over and the creatures have been slaved at that moment AH!
What happen where am I?

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