Important To Me

April 28, 2008
By An Nguyen, Amarillo, TX

I think my friends are very important to me because I have a lot of family issues, and I need someone to listen to what I would like to say for once, even if I shouldn't let them in our business. They are like family to me, sisters, because they don’t cause such big problems. We may argue a lot, but I think that is only helping us build our relationship, and most of the time our arguments are just for playing around, to cause a scene. Most of the time, my friends are always there for me to listen and talk with me. Some keep my secrets and some don’t, but I have to learn to forgive them, even if it takes a lifetime.

I prefer everyone to have a friend because I don’t think you want to talk to one of your siblings about nothing and everything. I think that if you don’t have any friends, which isn’t very common, you live a more difficult life than when you do have friends because you don’t learn to really get to depend on someone. No one should be able to live a "perfect" life because being perfect is too perfect. I think you need at least some drama in your life to learn how to move on and forgive the past and worry about the present and future. Everyone should know that you can’t always depend on someone all the time, though, but sometimes you need people to be able to depend on you too.

I appreciate my friends because that's how I think we are with each other. Some are more dependent and trustworthy on me than others, but that doesn't really matter because not all your friends can be trusted and I know deep inside, everyone thinks that too.

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