Growing Up As a Mulatto Child

April 25, 2008
Growing up as a Mulatto child never made me feel that I had to do nothing to be rich and successful just because I was white. I also never felt that I could never be successful just because I was black. I feel that everyone has just as much a chance to be successful as the next person if they try don't give up at the first sign of hard ship like the man who owns Block Buster he started out as a garbage man then he started a garbage company and now he's worth millions of dollars and he owns his NFL team and none of this was just given to him he had to work very hard to achieve his goal. So when I heard a black girl state that she wished she were white so that she could be rich and lay around while people cleaned her house. then she went on to say that white people have so easy because everything is just given to them.This I thought funny because my mother isn't rich and I consider my father very successful even though he did not go to collage he is still able to feed his family and make sure we have food and a roof over our heads. So can a black person able to be successful? Sure they are is it going to be easy? no but it won't be any easier for a white person either. Because success isn't measured by race or color of skin but by how hard work to get . so anyone can be successful you just have to work

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