Label Brands Aren't Always an Option

April 25, 2008
By Amanda Colella, Auburn, NY

Have you ever wondered why some people wear clothes that are more expensive than others? The brand name of the clothes is nothing but a logo or slogan to give that clothing or store a name. It doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter what you wear.

Just because someone wears Wal-mart or K-Mart or Marshall's doesn’t mean their poor or less than anyone else. Some people just simply don't care what they look. I mean Look at all the people who wear sweatpants and slippers and sweaters to school and still they have tons of friends and don't get made fun of. but why is it when another kind of person wears sweatpants to school and sweatshirts they called a scumbag or get called mean names. Everyone has at one time shopped for clothes at Wal-Mart or Marshall's. People who wear Abercrombie and Hollister and the Victoria Secrets clothes and the people who have the Chanel bags or the coach purses think their all hot stuff, when really their not. Maybe some people just choose to wear those clothes because of the style and don't think they’re cool and there are people that are like that. People make fun of people and stereotype them and put them in the classes of scumbags or preps or goth or emotional or sluts and whore just because of what they wear. Maybe not everyone can afford that stuff but there still making it through. Also maybe certain brand names fit a person better because of how small they are take for instance me i can wear Aeropostale shirts but not the pants because they’re too big on me and i can only wear pants from Abercrombie or Hollister and their shirts from there because I'm so small and short. To me these name brands are just a name an expensive name. It just goes to show that if you get something just because this girl has one its showing you might be insecure but you might not be it might just be because you like that article of clothing. If you just be happy with with what you have then your going to be fine. Some people don't need expensive clothes simply just because its a waist of money that they can be using for other thing. People who buy expensive clothes can choose not to but they think it will make them look cooler. Some people have better things to spend their money on than brand name clothes, and others their parents strive to make sure their kids fit in even if it means taking food off the table just to make them have nice expensive clothes. People don't have to do that to fit in. If you have to do that to fit in then their not worth it because a friend or friends shouldn't care bout how u dress it matters about the personality and when your happy with something everyone else will support you too. Sometimes if you try to hard to fit in you might never fit in and if you can just be yourself and show people this is who i am it shouldn’t matter about the clothing you wear.

Some people are happy with what they have and don't need all that stuff to make them happy.I think thats great because you value your life and don't take it for granted. It shows that your personality is great, because you don't care you do but you don't and you care how you feel and you what makes you happy and not what other people want you to do. This shows that you don't have to wear expensive clothes to fit in or whatever you try to do these days to like everyone else. The clothes don't make you but they do determine your attitude because you are what you wear but your clothes don't determine you, you determine your clothes. Dare to be different it cant hurt it can either make or break it and it will most likely make you and it will show people hey your an individual and thats great because we need more people like that. Don't be like everyone else wear what you want to wear and just be yourself. People will respect you no matter what and if they don't their not worth it. You are who you are and thats why I think label brands aren't always an option because you can be happy without that and I mean I don't need name brands but thats also my interest and taste of style just because i have a hard time finding clothes tat fit me and it also depends on your taste of style no one else can determine your style only you can decide and no whats style fits you the best and your personality. you are what you wear.

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