April 24, 2008
By samantha cadwallader, Auburn, NY

High school is a mess! Every kid who goes to a high school sees the same thing, cliques. Cliques can either be a good thing, or a person’s worst nightmare. I, of course, am a part of a clique, my own. Everyone is a part of some kind of clique. The groups of friends that you hang out with before homeroom or during classes are your clique. Sometimes it’s allowable for people to belong to multiple cliques, but usually that’s forbidden. Nationalism is the word for a nations pride in itself. So what’s the word for the ride in one’s clique? Cliquetionalism? Whatever the word for it is, it sucks!

Have you ever walked down a hallway and you had a feeling that someone was laughing at you behind your back? If you’re a unique kid, then you know exactly what I am talking about. What makes it ok for kids to pick on other kids? Why cant people just get along? I know that everyone is different in his or her own way, but like people say all of the time opposites attract.

Its human nature to want to be better than another person, but to what extent? “The jocks” don’t really need to pick on “the geeks”, and “the preps” don’t really need to pick on “the emo kids”. Cliques have been around forever, there is no changing that, but everyone really needs to think about the other person. When you go to say something to a kid, look from his or her perspective. Who knows maybe one day all cliques will be gone, and everyone can be a friend with whomever they want. But I doubt it!

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