April 23, 2008
By Jenna Schroeder, Antigo, WI

I understand that some parents view certain novels to contain unacceptable content, but these parents are just sheltering their children from what the real world is. Novels contain profanity, sexual reference, and even drug use; all of these no doubt exist in the real world.
Steve Acker stated, “Is high school a reflection of society or is high school what we wish society to be more like?” This quote represents how I feel about censoring the books that are read in high school. We can not shelter students in high school, or they will go into the real world not having a clue about what is happening around them. Censoring books does not stop sex, drug use, or profanity; all it does it pretending it does not exist.
If the students are mature enough to handle the material in an adult like fashion then it should be allowed throughout schools. The books in question do not preach the use of what is talked about in them, if anything, they condone it. Books are a good way to learn about things and their consequences without actually experiencing them.
Modern books about political and questionable topics are much more interesting then old world literature. I would rather have a student read about questionable topics than not read at all. The censorship of books does more to harm modern society than it does to protect it.

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