April 17, 2008
By Dana Angellis, Nashua, NH

As I read “Taken in Slavery” and Soloman’s autobiography, many thoughts raced through my mind. I felt upset, disgusted, and even scared. The actions that were being described to me were frightening. How could this happen to people? Slavery was horrific, and as I read I got nervous about what would happen next. Slaves were treated wrongly, never had a chance, and had to live in the worst conditions. I was shocked by what these people had to go through.

Slaves were treated wrongly, being beaten every time they didn’t do something “right”. Children were disposed of when slaves were gathered on boats to be sold. Family members were separated from each other. Slaves were sold whenever their master need more money. It was disturbing how just because of the color of your skin, people thought they had the right to own you.

Slaves never had a choice, they were always forced to do everything. They were always being told what to do and if they didn’t, they would be beaten. Such as in “Half Slave, Half Free”, Soloman was told to call a man his master, and was beaten until he did. He had been kidnapped, with no chance for freedom. It made me feel very upset that these people didn’t have a choice, or a chance.

I was very surprised that slaves lived in the conditions they were forced to live in. In “Taken in Slavery”, people had to live in disgusting situations on the boat. With disease, death, and over-crowding, I’m surprised people survived. It made me feel so awful. I think no one should ever have to live in that sort of an environment.

After reading those two selections, I have been let with a strong feeling about slavery. I was horrified while I read, slaves were horrified while they lived, it just seemed awful. I’m so thankful that slavery is against the law now, because now we can live equally. Although there still are struggles with racism, at least it isn’t as bad as it was.

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gaila said...
on Aug. 8 2008 at 2:15 pm
Very observant. Obviously the writer feels empathy for what the slaves have been through. For a young teenager, she has written a thoughtful and descriptive piece.

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