April 17, 2008
By Dana Angellis, Nashua, NH

According to most parents, MySpace is filled with predators just waiting to hurt children. But is that really the case? MySpace has worked to protect teen’s privacy, safety, and have even started parent surveillance. MySpace really isn’t as dangerous as people make it to be. You’re child’s more likely to be struck by lightning than to be kidnapped. With MySpace being badly over exposed by the press, many parents are scared silly when in reality, they shouldn’t.

Many parents are worried about their teen’s information and privacy. MySpace has made it so that 14 and 15 year old’s pages cannot be viewed by people over 18. users also have the option to keep their page private, and only friends can see their page. Users are warned that people may not be who they say they are. MySpace gives you plenty of options to protect your privacy.

Safety is another thing many parents are worried about. But many sex offenders have already been caught and deleted off the site. The website is going to give the names of those sex offenders to the authorities. MySpace is also working with the ILA to promote internet safety, Safety is a top concern for MySpace.

Parents usually band their children from using MySpace. But usually, kids go behind their parents back to use the site. Parents need to trust their kids more. With MySpace launching Zepher, a new software for parents to monitor their child’s usage on MySpace. But paren’ts should tell their kids about using Zephyr. MySpace’s chief security officer encourages parents to be more open with their children.

MySpace is really just a site for friends, not a place where teen get kidnapped. MySpace has provided many options to protect teens. It all depends on how safe you are on the site. Teen should be allowed on the site, parents should be more trusting, and teens should be safer. MySpace is portrayed as a horrible site by the press, but it really isn’t.

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