Girls and Boys

April 17, 2008
By Naomi Bedford, Chicago, IL

Whatever girls can do, boys can do better.

What the hell is THIS nonsense?

Every single day, I cannot hold a conversation about athletics without some masochistic male jumping in, talking about the “most amazing touchdown ever”. Like our football team even won a game. Be real.

Males in our school take their talents to the extreme, gallivanting around on such a high horse, while the female athletes sit in the background, unappreciated. And IF we ever are acknowledged, here comes the boy, telling us that instead of doing softball, for instance, we should be shoved into a short skirt and thrown on the field, cheering for the team that will NEVER win.

The only time I heard a little appreciation for a female sport was with my own personal sport, gymnastics. But then again, this dude was only commenting on us doing the split in leotards… which is pretty much next to nothing. Is this all guys can think about? The many different ways females can make themselves sexually appealing to them? As they say on AIM, WTF?

And people, don’t even start with me. I’m not some feminist who detests men. I date a Varsity Track runner. I tell him the exact same thing. Can’t any female sports get some credit? It’s like standing in the middle of a crowd, screaming at the top of your lungs… you would think that SOMEONE would hear eventually. But no, this debate has been going on for quite some time. Where are all these girls that are supposed to make changes? The media isn’t helping. The last time I saw a female athlete on TV, they were crucifying Marion Jones for her newly-discovered steroid abuse. And this was an athlete who inspired so many girls. Where’s the WNBA? Oh, I’m sorry; they’re being over-shadowed by the Chicago Bulls, who happen to be one of the worst teams in the NBA.Where’s Jennie Finch and the Chicago Bandits? My bad. I forgot… it’s about the athletes who make the most money, not the ones with the extraordinary amounts of talent, gender forgotten.

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