Clothing of Life!

April 16, 2008
By Shelby Kubick, Grand Junction, CO

Schools always talk about how “Teens these days are so…….” and so on and
so forth. Schools these days are always comparing things to what they use to be.
Like how teens should still be punished, or how teens have such foul mouths, or
teens these days have some of the most outrageous clothing I have ever seen. We
should be allowed to wear what we want, with a few acceptations.

Clothing is a big part of how people express their own personalities. It allows
them to see what place they could take in the world. For instance, you see a lady
walking down the street and she is either wearing a nice suit, or presentable
clothing. What is your first thought about her? “She looks like she takes care of
herself”, “she looks like she probably has a nice job,” or, “she looks like she
probably has a place in this world.” Even if it’s that gothic person in high school
that now has a great job giving people tattoos. Everyone has a place.

Comfort (especially in school) should be a main priority, and no I’m not
talking about wearing sweats all the time. I’m talking about what different
individuals are comfortable wearing. Some do like wearing sweats constantly, but
others not so much. There are people that wear tight jeans, baggy shirts, nice shirts, baggy pants, skirts, tank tops, halter tops, and much more. And like the first amendment states, “congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of
speech” (the constitution). Does the freedom of speech not say freedom to speak
what we want, and is clothing not a way to speak what we mean?

The point is everyone does dress different, and wouldn’t you think that the
majority of people that are comfortable in what they are wearing will do better in
school. Now notice how I only said a majority? Some that do dress the way they
want might be because they have a lack of self confidence, and lack of self
confidence will be a down fall in their school work. That might be the only reason
uniforms would be necessary, but like I said everyone has a place in this world, and school can’t always help everyone. They have to be willing; plus we do need those few individuals working at McDonalds for the rest of their life.

From gothic’s, to business ladies to people that work at McDonalds the rest
of their life, there is always a place for someone. Clothing is a way for people to
determine what another person might be like. Clothing helps friends become
friends, not all the time, but it does help. Clothing is what picks individuals out, and individuals is what school is teaching us to be, and “a wide range of student
expression, including political and religious speech on clothing, is protected by the
Constitution”(Thompson Gale)School is teaching us to take care of our self’s, and
we also do like expressing what we think with our clothing. And is it not right to
stand up for what you believe in? like my psychology teacher said,“ it’s better to be the first to stand up for what you believe in than never standing up for what you believe in at all.” School teaches us to be our own person; we present that in our clothing. School also teaches us what’s right from wrong; we also present that in our clothing.

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