April 15, 2008
By arianna moyer, Kingwood, TX

I need to demonstrate
need to educate and re-evaluate
What you've grown to think is real
Need to reveal some sort of appeal
Cause all you've been taught
is lie after lie
So try and defy
Whats fake and whats not
seems everyones forgot.
Your corrupt mentality
misconstrues whats reality
what's personality and
So im here to inspire
to give the desire
to aquire
the strength & courage
to educate the mind
to not be confined
or blind
All im askin is for a moment of your time to rewind and remind
Who were the ones who lived their life confined ?
They were called 'Freethinkers' at this time.
They were real
They said how they feel
But the corruptness of the government locked them up in isolation
their desperation for conversation was an accusation of what they called a 'demonstration'
And all this anxiety brought variety to society.
So why live a life of dullness and deceit
you need to retreat,
need to compete
to beat The messed up system
that has you all locked in
so dig deep within to begin
to realize why cant you free think why cant you be who you want to be ? you'd think they'd see to a certain degree
that its not wrong to personalize but you cant without being criticized your never recognized
your denied of being you
and of being true ?
Why cant you live a life of no regrets? Is it just something this system wont accept?

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