April 14, 2008
By jazmin jones, Detroit, MI

I agree with Mr. Darnell Gardner on certain aspects of his views. I personally feel that he is right when it comes to the educational system being far below standards and the poor representation that the major is doing for the city. Detroit is stereotyped because its predominantly black, and the actions of the major are just making it worst.What the major is doing to this city is breaking my heart. All over the country people are watching the news and seeing “Detroit: Sex, Scandals and Lies.” Major Kilpatrick is always stating how he loves this city so much, but if he really did love it why would he abuse his power? Detroit is in a deep grave that the major put us it into, its not going to get any better with people just sitting down and talking about the major. Yes he’s destroying Detroit’s reputation, yes he’s lied under oath, and yes he said the n-word on TV-which he had no business saying- but as citizens we need to work together and try and rebuild our city. As for major Kilpatrick he should just step down from office while Detroit still has a chance.

Mr. Gardner stated that both black and white kids called him “white”, but the truth of it is there is so such thing as acting “black” or “white.” People just act like who they are; but in some areas,- mostly teens- do feel the pressure to act a certain way because of there peers. Detroit is a black city so these pressures can be found here in a lot of high schools. The people who go to my school tell me that I talk “white”, when I asked how, they told me they said it was because I use big words. I cannot lie and say that it didn’t sadden me that one my peer's made that comment, but it’s not always the teachers or the school systems. Sometimes it’s just the students. Why the Detroit Public Schools are so uneducated cannot fully be blamed on the school system or the administration, the blame can also be put on the students who choose not to listen and the parents who don't try to push there kids. Newton's law of Motion states that for every action there is a reaction so for the simple action that some parents take not to push there kids to get an education is a reaction of another convict or even worst a 6 foot grave. I personally think that its up to the parents and teachers to try and get the students to see the importance of an education, because you just can't blame the poor state that the educational system on one person.

When Major Kilpatrick said the n-word on TV during his State of the City address I was appalled. How could him of all people have the nerve to say that on live television. Major Kilpatrick should realize that with everything going on that saying was only going to bring more negative attenion to himself and the city. He had absolutely no business using that, now I do understand that he was trying to get his point across by using the word, but people would have understood just as well with him saying the n-word. Now as American citizens we all have the right to the Freedom of Speech which does entitle us to say anything we want, but him saying the n-word after what it was supposedly put to rest that makes him a hypocrit. The major say's that he wants nothing but good things for Detroit, but his actions prove to be cynical and unethictical. As the major everything he does is going to be in the lime-light so he can't just go around say almost anything. Major kilpatrick may come off and act like a philanthroper but the truth of it is he's a snake and a hypocrite.

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