Contributions to Racism

April 11, 2008
By Anne Dyer, Berwyn, IL

Racism, the topic most face every break of dawn. Some actually don’t realize they are making racial comments or are being directed towards. The question really is, well, why? Why must a human of a different ethnicity throw a slur at one of another? A different ethnicity doesn’t show your level of intellect. There are successful people of all races in our world, living and deceased. For example: George Washington Carver, Frida Kahlo, and Grace O’Malley.
Many of you should know, or have at least heard of, George Washington Carver. He is a semi-famous African-American. He may have been a slave at one point but his brilliance shines through. This man devoted his life to researching southern agriculture. He showed that 300 products can be made from peanuts. He donated over $30,000 dollars and his estate to a foundation so his work can be carried out after his death. Just because he was African American he is not a “n*****”.
For you artistic people out there, there’s Frida Kahlo. She is a rather famous Mexican painter. She was a rather, disturbed, artist. She went through many hardships in life. She was in an accident that caused her to have many health problems which led her to her death. Although she painted many erratic images of her head on different animals and such, she was very inspirational to the artistic world. Many learned a lot and were inspired. Just because she is of Hispanic decent that does not make her a “s***” or a “wet back”. Her intelligence shines through these racial slurs people of our time may have directed towards her.
How about the Gaelic warrior princess, Grace O’Malley? You may just know her as the “Queen of the Irish seas”. She marshaled three pirate ships and up to 200 men. The English conjugates wanted to completely subjugate the Irish way of life but this woman would not stand for it. She continually pushed to bring peace to the region but was always thrown aside by the Queen. She did, in fact, lose at the battle of Kinsale (1601). But so what, she fought for peace. She is a heroine of Irish history. She is not a “hot head”.
So, why must one throw a slur at another? Why does one not judge a person by their intellect? As you can see there are many successful people of all different races that have impacted our world among the living and the deceased. Imagine what the deceased would say if they heard the words that we speak to each other. One is to lead not follow. People should rethink what they say and/or look into what that word really means. Judge a person by who they are not what they look like and the world may take a step further.

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