Opinions of Others

April 11, 2008
Teenagers in their quest to find their true identities are often vulnerable to the opinions of others.
It is in the nature of people to have opinions and express them. However, we cannot limit ourselves to their opinions solely. We must value ourselves and convey an identity that is uniquely ours.
People have an ability to automatically judge a new person in their lives with a simple condescending glance. I had never allowed myself to acknowledge this because if I did I would fall victim to a social crime.
In high school, especially, the opinions of others have a great impact on our lives. As hard as we try to not let opinions get to us, we indulge in them, and inadvertently crave them.
We want to know what others think of our friends, the car we drive, and even our clothes. Opinions are never bad; they let us know what others think of us.
We cannot, however, let opinions dictate our lives. If we do, we can lose out on amazing people that otherwise we would judge first without getting to know them.
Does being a teenager automatically classify them as unruly people?
Whenever we see skaters wearing tight jeans and with long hair, we assume that they must be reckless people with absolutely no rules.
Others assume this because teenagers are known to seek classification into cliques and in doing so, people create an assumption based entirely on one opinion.
Why are people so quick to stereotype? Is it in the values that they have been exposed to, or simply their lack of acceptance?
Whatever the reason we have to look beyond those barriers. If we stereotype people by what they wear, the group of friends they have, or their talent, we will never be able to see the person behind the façade.

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