Teachers Rights V. Students Rights

April 11, 2008
By Eric Edgecomb, Mariaville, ME

Beep.... Beep.... Beep..... Beep..... “Hello? Oh, Hi just a second, Guys go ahead and do page 184- 185, ok yea I’ll be home in time don’t worry” “Mrs. D class is over”
“Oh, Then do it for home work, do tomorrow”
“But you already told us to do #1 - 50 due tomorrow”
“ Yea? Well, you can do it” How is that fair? Actually why is that fair? Kid have rights too, we should have most of the rights teachers have. (A.K.A., Cellphones, gum, homework, soda)

How many times have I been caught chewing gum in class? Many, but I still get my work done. I get 3’s (In our grading system this is good), so why don’t we deserve to chew gum in class? Understand me, I know some kids stick gum to the bottom of desk and on the floor. My friends and I always swallow or throw the gum away. The teachers usually have gum and they don’t care that we chew it as long as it’s not obvious like CHOMP CHOMP CHOMP. So as long as gum does not distract the class why should we not be able to chew gum? Explain that to me, what does it matter as long as we (the kids) make sure we get rid of it properly?

I Have had my cellphone in my locker too, I mean what does it matter as long as I don’t use it in class? If one day Some one got hurt in class or another emergency happened what would the teachers do? Pull out their cell phones. Yet If I did after the situation was taken care of my phone would be taken away, until ether The end of the day (or year) Or my parents came in and “talked” with the principal. (More Like s would have to give a testimony).

Why is It okay for teachers to have soda anytime? Trust me, they may deny it but it’s true. As student Council president I see what teaches do in that teacher lounge of theirs. Student council leaves soda sitting there for any teacher to buy. We (The students) should have this right too, right? Many parents in our community that I know don’t care what their kids drink in school. My parents buy me soda to drink.

My final reason is Home work The students worry all day about the load of work sitting in their bag (“how will I get all this homework done?”), I mean sure we can get it done but like tonight for me I have A bunch of history to do yet If I don’t get it down I’ll owe a recess and I’ll have a lecture from my parents. My classmates stay up in their rooms working on the home work till 11 pm (or later in some cases) making them irritable (This happens allot in my class). We get to school tired and with the home work half done. Then we rush to get it done creating a big pile of messiness that we get yelled at for. So why is it that teaches can go out and party, or just hang with friends all night? Make them do the work too after all, WE HAVE LIFE'S TOO WE AREN'T ROBOTS! I could go on for hours on this one subject but I have to bring this piece to a close soon.

Yes, Teachers did go to school allot longer than us, sure but I mean why do they get to have life's and we don’t? All right, now that I’ m done trying to convince you to equal the rights of teachers and students I hope you will think about this for a long time. Remember kids have life's to, do you want to see us turn into emotionless blobs?

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s20 said...
on Nov. 18 2008 at 5:53 pm
well in my opinion ( i am 17) i think that gum chewing and soda drinking shouldnt be allowed because as you said teens leave it under desks and stuff like that. but teens are also very cruel and immature with certain freedoms. When i was in the 8th grade i remember the teacher saying that we could bring stuffed animals or pillows in class for our aims testing. well i was not particularly "popular" so my stuff would be picked up by another student and thrown away or put somewhere where it wasnt where i had left it.

what im getting at is if we were permitted to bring soda to school other kids would either take it for themselves or throw it away for whatever reason and the teachers cant do anthything about bullieing really.

and i am like you if i chew gumi swallow it or throw it away but that doesnt mean everyone will. the preps and rebels would rather throw it onthe ground rather than walk 3 steps to the trashcan!


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