Game Praising

April 10, 2008
By Vircell Dayap, Berwyn, IL

Throughout, video games have been connected to slacking and apathy. While it kind of does, making video games is a lot of hard work. Game creators are quite the opposite from gamers. Have you ever thought of what the creators of your favorite games have to go through? These games would not be as fun and exciting as they should be if the creators did not do their jobs. Would the Super Mario series be ever great if Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario’s creator) was not really creative? Probably not. Heck, without Mario, it would be hard to tell where the gaming industry would head to.

Most of the greatest games came from the ball busting of a team. Those roles include programmers, animators, sound designers, producers, designers, PR managers, and testers. Yep, testers. They are needed to check out any bugs, glitches, or problems within a game. With those guys and the rest of the team have to work together to make sure that they come with a perfect product. A great team to look at is the staff of Midway’s Mortal Kombat led by Ed Boon and formerly, John Tobias. They made the Mortal Kombat series an icon in the video game universe.
Like all great art, there has to an idea. Gaming writers have to expand that idea into a story or original game play. Programmers, designers, and animators have to put that idea onto a computer to start formulating the game. They have to figure out the control figuration, story progression and other game play aspects.
Technology has greatly changed over the years. Comparing the graphics of today’s generation of gaming hardware to those 8-bit days, there are no doubts of which were better. Sprites fall into graphical comparison to games like Fight Night Round 3 and Mass Effect. However, this did not stop from using what they had and transforming it into a piece of entertaining art. That is also seen today with the current generation of designers and animators.
Sound designers are important as well. This group is in charge of the sound effects that pop up during game play. They also have to create or to put together music that has to fit into the game. Remember the original Super Mario Bros. and the Legend of Zelda tunes to the collection of music in major sports titles like Madden NFL and 2k Sports games.
So big props to all those video game companies for bringing us fun and pure entertainment. Now I can get back to playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl. So, game on.

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